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Al-Khobar is full of life as a busy economic centre of Saudi Arabia. It is situated on the coast of Persian Gulf and at the eastern province of Saudi Arabia. Towering Skyscrapers surrounded by scenic parks within the city and lovely beaches at its outskirts lure tourists. The city is also known for its exotic shopping centres and oil exports make it an important commercial hub and industrial port. Al Khobar is known for its fishing and pearl diving heritage, oil industry, arts, entertainment, popular music and sports legacies. The area includes a variety of natural landscapes, parks, and beaches with a recreational coastline to the Persian Gulf.

Al-Khobar has a desert climate with hot, humid summers and mild dry winters. April to October are the hot and humid months. November to January are the dry, cold months. September to November and February to April offers the best weather to enjoy beaches, parks and shopping.